Hello world! I’m Simon Lim, a front-end web developer and designer.


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Simon Lim

Let's make the complicated simple.

Learns constantly to build designs & interfaces that people will love.

Understands the importance of clear communication.   Pays attention to details of design and functionalities.   Social, and thrives in a team setting.   Adaptive to new tools, and seeks a thorough understanding of them.   Maintains a positive attitude!   Based in Manila, Metro Manila.   Enjoys puzzles, and can solve a Rubik's cube in an average of 10 seconds.   Loves to watch films and casually does street & travel photography.  

Technologies used:




Ruby on Rails






Design software:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Lightroom

Invision Prototyping

Marvel Prototyping

UI / Front-end Web Developer & Designer
  • >
    Creating high-fidelity mockups for new sections, features and pages, and facilitating discussions about product changes with the entire team
  • >
    Collaborated with other departments for needed features, and designed them with the best of usability, scalability and development efficiency in mind. Then relaying the plan to the development team
  • >
    Developed UI and some front-end features with HAML/SCSS/Bootstrap for most features, with all the UI modern standards for responsiveness and cross browser testing, encoding translations for elements and pages that need it
  • >
    Developed a few backend features and fixes with Ruby on Rails
Co-founder, Product & Design Manager
  • >
    Conceptualized the entire app design and most of the features’ behaviors and uses, created high-fidelity mockups for all screens of the app
  • >
    Designed the logo and identity of the app, and determining how the brand is presented across different formats and presentations as we make them, making sure there is consistency in look, feel and direction
  • >
    Facilitated discussions with other partners to gather thoughts and ideas for the app
  • >
    Managed the development team, and discussed our main objectives and priorities. Also communicated to ensure features were developed exactly as designed
  • >
    Created various graphic designs, collateral designs for social media marketing, printouts, and such
Reality Box
Partner, Videographer & Post-Production Editor
  • >
    Shot for various personal events, corporate events, and video productions as a Videographer
  • >
    Did the editing for live footage videos in Highlights length and also Fully Authored length, and also handled post-processing graphics for projects that needed extra video effects, opening billboards
  • >
    Worked on storyboarding and scene planning with the team, discussing concepts on how to convey the messages or ideas for the project’s goals
  • >
    Helped bring in new clients by proposing video or graphics projects to companies
KinmoPW Corporation
Web Developer & Graphic Designer
  • >
    Redesigned product packages to help improve product usability and user-friendliness; made product designs more relatable and understandable to consumers
  • >
    Created various graphic designs, brand designs and other collaterals that pushed forward old brands and shaped better identities for them
  • >
    Redesigned and redeveloped the company website
  • >
    Proposed and initially led an opportunity to expand online sales to a mainstream local shopping website
  • >
    Facilitated trainings for two other co-workers on how to do product photography and photo editing, what the workflow should be
Class of 2011
De La Salle-College of St. Benilde
AB-Multimedia Arts, Majoring in Interactive Design

    Here are some of my other works.