Identity Design
A construction company based in Metro Manila, where I was commissioned to update their corporate branding's style and image to have a more modern and strong presence.

Design Goal: Update and modernize the branding

Upon having an initial meeting with the client, I facilitated a simple interview to get to know them, and to help them express what they wanted in the design. I would research for pegs of logos and design elements of how I visualize the logo should be. After some more discussions, I was then was able to create the initial look and feel.

Flattened + Realigned Logo

While we had to retain the original logo's form and concept, we were allowed to update the style: Remove unnecessary gradients and shadows to allow the logo to take a more minimal and flat design, and make the lines of the logo's angles & alignments more proportional. With some discussion with the client about which elements and designs they liked best, we were able to finalize with this design.

Back Design

For added effect, the back side was utilized as a space dedicated to the logo only. This gives more exposure to the logo and creates more impact for the company's identity.

Front Design

Since the client wanted a lot of information on the card, it was a challenge to fit it in the size of a business card. But it would still be possible with just some smart use of space.

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