App Design
A small company I co-founded that gives rewards to students for locking their phones to focus in class. All the designs from mockup to UX is by me.

Design Goal: Fun, playful & active community

To create an identity for the UnPhone app that's target marketed towards college students.
The main design goal is to present UnPhone as a fun and friendly app, and create a strong sense of community within the app to let users feel it's a lively and active system for them to enjoy and benefit from.

Color Palette

#ff7417unphone orange
#ff9525light orange
#ffca12orange yellow

Final Output

We went through a short design study to create this logo, which would also dictate and influence the designs that we will create, following a specific look and feel that would shape the identity of UnPhone.

UX Design

An insight on how the UnPhone App was designed to behave. A prime example of which is the very main page- where students will spend most of their time on screen. The ease and convenience of the user is in mind in each outcome and step.

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